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Tom McLean

A Day of Magic

Tom McLean, a 35-year-old husband and father, bravely fought Sarcoma cancer. He cherished moments like witnessing his daughter's birth. Sadly, the cancer spread, limiting his time.


Part A: Waihi Beach, NZ

Tom's three wishes were: to return to Waihi Beach Top 10 Holiday Resort with his family, revisit their wedding venue at The Old Church in Napier, and meet Six60. A Day of Magic charitable trust split their 'A Day of Magic' into two parts. Part A involved a three-day stay at Waihi Beach Resort, including surprises like pampering for Katrina, a bespoke beach picnic, children's gifts, and a romantic dinner while their children were cared for. Professional photographers and videographers captured these cherished moments for the family to treasure.

Part B: Wedding venue

Tom and his wife Katrina had a wish to take their children to their wedding venue in their home town ... so A Day of Magic Charitable Trust made that happen along with inviting 70 of their family and friends to Celebrate Life with Tom. There was live music, delicious food and loads of love all around. There was an incredible energy in the room, an energy I have never felt before... it was magical!

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