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Celebrating Life

This magical charity provides terminally ill New Zealander's facing end of life the opportunity to celebrate their life with their family and friends before they say goodbye. A Day of Magic Charitable Trust gifts a magic day to share an amazing experience with loved ones, creating those everlasting moments.

Support Our Cause

As a charity, we rely on our community's support to create magic for families for years to come. There are various ways to get involved and support our life-changing mission for our continued growth.

Video Embed

This is not goodbye; but see you soon you bloody legend!

Kristie Purton to Melanie Quin - Bay of Plenty, NZ

Our fundraising events

Find out what is in the pipeline to help fundraise for A Day of Magic Charitable Trust. Every event contributes to one deserving local to celebrate life and to create precious memories.

The EASY 5!

Donate an EASY $5 every week so terminally ill New Zealander's can have the opportunity to celebrate life with family and friends before they say goodbye.


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