Every year we are fortunate enough to allow a corporate to step forward to become our proud Principal Sponsor to give us support in specific areas that we may need to grow or expand in.



This incredible family owned & run business has provided us the most incredible support system this year. They gifted 'A Day of Magic' a $5,000 donation & a charity vehicle. 

Thanks to companies like Breakers we are able to do what we do.


Well when we are trying to create some awareness in the community this sponsor sure knows how to achieve the best results for that.


Tauranga Crossing

When we wanted to launch we didn't expect a LAUNCH! Thanks to the incredibly supportive marketing & management team at Tauranga Crossing we were able to be introduced to the Bay of Plenty with a bang!


Thanks to these generous companies we can be seen in & around the community!


A2Z Solutions

Supporting us with our printing & signage needs. For example for our charity launch they donated the printing of all the flyers & posters for the event as well as a startup charity launch pack for 'A Day of Magic'!



Speedy Signs

These guys are making our zippy little 'A Day of Magic' Car look super sharp with a new outfit.

If you see us around town make sure you wave out  ... or honk your horn!


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